Benefits and Costs of a Featured Listing

Featured Listings help you to promote your app to our audience of healthcare professionals and the leaders of employer-sponsored health, wellness, safety and workers’ compensation programs.

After you’ve reviewed the benefits of a Featured Listing and the prices and terms below, please review A Sample Featured Listing and then contact us to sign up.


Comparison of Free and Featured ListingsFree ListingFeatured Listing
Key information about your app summarized in our directoryYesYes
Link to iTunes, Google Play and other storesYesYes
Your listing appears at the top of its' category listing NoYes
Highlighted background to stand out from other listingsNoYes
Logo included in listingNoYes
Screenshots included in listingNoUp to four
Links to articles, reviews, YouTube demos and other promotional informationNoUp to four

Prices and Terms for Featured Listings

Pricing – listings will run for a one year term (‘the term”).  The price of a single featured listing is $540 per year paid in advance or $50/month paid monthly for twelve months.   Discounts are available for multiple listings and for packages that include both featured listings and banner ads.

Prices will not be increased during the term.  In the event of a price increase, MHM will give notice of the new prices at least 30 days prior to the end of the term.

Renewals – at the end of a term, listings will automatically renew unless cancellation is received at least 30 days before the end of the expiration.

Cancellations – you may cancel a listing at Mobile Health Marketplace at any time and for any reason.  Also, MHM reserves the right to cancel your listing at any time for any reason.    In the event of cancellation, billing on your listing will cease starting with the next billing period.  If you paid in advance, you will be refunded the remaining portion of your annual payment.

Other conditions – listings are subject to the MHM Terms of Use.  Payment may be made by credit card or check for US funds made out to Mobile Health Marketplace, LLC (“MHM”).

Please contact us to sign up for a featured listing or to get prices for multiple listings or advertising packages.

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