How We Select Apps for the Directory

The Mobile Health Marketplace directory identifies apps which support employer-sponsored health programs including health insurance plans and wellness, workers’ compensation and safety programs.

This directory will help employers, medical professionals, insurers and brokers find mobile solutions that they can recommend or prescribe to patients and employees and integrate into treatment and administrative processes.

Editorial policy

The process for selecting mobile health apps for our App Directory is based on our independent analysis and judgement.  To maintain our independence,  we do not accept advertising from app developers.  

Also, while we welcome suggestions from developers about what we list and what we say in our listings, we make the final decision about the content at our site.

Types of apps 

Our directory contains apps grouped into four broad categories:

  1. Health and wellness apps supporting diet, fitness, stress management, medication regimens, ergonomics and other healthy behaviors.
  2. Chronic disease, illness and injury tools for managing diabetes, cancer, heart conditions, musculoskeletal ailments and similar conditions.
  3. Medical treatment support apps for those interested in implementing organization-wide systems for patient engagement, telemedicine, risk assessment, evidence-based medicine, etc.
  4. Program-specific solutions for leaders of  health, wellness, workers’ compensation and safety programs.

The common denominator of all listings is that they can be used to support a safer, healthier workforce.

Our selection process favors apps which have the following:  both iPhone and Android versions, a strong sales history,  certifications and other evidence that the content is credible, the ability to interface with other platforms, documented privacy and security policies and solid customer service capabilities.

Not every app which we list meets all of these criteria.  In some instances we will list new and innovative apps which we believe are important offerings.  Also, some categories in the directory have a limited number of potential apps to list in which case we will select the best available apps based on our judgement.

For each app listed in the directory, we summarize information from publicly available sources that will be useful to those responsible for selecting and implementing employer-sponsored solutions.

It is important to note what we do not do.

We do not include apps that are primarily used by physicians and healthcare professionals to perform the technical tasks involved in treating patients.   However, apps that are designed to be used by physicians as part of organization-wide program may be included.

We also do not list electronic textbooks without app functionality or those designed as study guides for board certifications and other medical exams.

We do not evaluate apps or provide a rating as part of our directory.  Evaluation of an app or any software solution should only be made based on your organization’s specific requirements.  From time to time we do review and offer opinions about specific apps in our Tech Talk Blog.

While we work hard to verify information presented at the site, we do not guarantee the accuracy of this information and we do not provide medical advice.  For more information, see our Terms of Use.

If you are a developer who wishes to submit an app for consideration please contact us and we will work with you to evaluate your solution.


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Disclaimer: Mobile Health Marketplace ("MHM") does not endorse or affirm the validity of the medical content contained in the medical or healthcare technology or applications we list, review or mention. Such medical content is provided "as is." Almost all mobile healthcare or medical applications are not regulated or reviewed by medical bodies, and as such the validity of their content should be determined by the end user, MHM does not take this responsibility. When making medical decisions use your own clinical judgment or consult with a qualified medical professional.

MHM is an independent online publication that provides a directory of mobile health applications. For each listing in the directory, we summarize data available from public sources and provide links to information about the listed app. At our Tech Talk Blog, we also provide reviews and opinions based on MHM's experiences.

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