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iTriage (health hotline app)

Description: Health hotline app provides triage support including escalation to hotline staffed by medical professionals. For less urgent episodes, provides online symptom search, treatment research and provider or facility finder. Offers programs for employers and payers. Read more...

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Aetna Mobile (patient portal app)

Description: Patient portal app for insured individuals to look up claims, Aetna ID card, find network providers, manage deductibles, co-pays and health spending accounts. Depending on the plan, view personal health record, alerts and reminders, emergency information, check drug prices and communicate with your health care team and view disability claims. Has API support. Read more...

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NCI Quit Pal (quit smoking app)

Description: Quit smoking app by National Cancer Institute helps set a quit date, financial goals, and reminders. Tracks daily smoking habits, graphs money saved, number of packs not smoked, other health milestones. Includes tips to stay motivated, connect with social network to give milestone updates, video diary, and personalized video messages from loved ones. Access to NCI’s Cancer Information Service by toll-free phone line or live chat. Read more...

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MedRisk (claims referral app)

Description: Claims referral app by MedRisk enables claims examiners and managed care professionals to refer cases to MedRisk’s network of physical and chiropractors. Users receive email confirmation of referral and can access adjuster/case manager portal for case information. Read more...

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Castlight Mobile (medical price shopping app)

Description: Medical price shopping and doctor quality rating app is part of an employer platform which provides employees with cost estimates for medical procedures and provider quality measures.  Interfaces with health plan data, tracks deductible status and medical spending. For use with hi-deductible health plans and health savings programs. Read more...

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LifeArmor (mental health self-management app)

Description: Mental health self-management app provides education and self-management tool to assist common 17 common concerns including sleep, depression, relationship issues, and post-traumatic stress. Includes brief self-assessments and tools; videos based on personal stories from service members, veterans, and military family members.  By Veterans’ Administration for both military and civilians. Read more...

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