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Healthprize (medication reminder app)

Description: Medication reminder app supports platform for patients on complex prescription drug regimens.  Uses financial incentives, education, reminders, and fun. Gathers daily compliance data from users, verifies prescription refills, rewards adherence with loyalty points, weekly sweepstakes, and monthly competitions. Key feature is ability to verify prescription refills through pharmaceutical firms. Read more...

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Coventry Mobile

Description: Patient portal app provides workers with a their member ID, personal health information and claims status. Coventry Mobile also provides network provider locations and information and information about health symptoms and conditions. Read more...

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myMatrixx (claims support app)

Description: Claims support app by myMatrixx PBM provides claims examiners with myMatrixx price quotes for pharmacy and ancillary products. Also provides injured workers a patient profile, access their Rx card, drug descriptions linked to their medication list and pharmacy location look up. Read more...

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Pocket Safety (safety reporting app)

Description: Safety reporting app for safety professional includes incident reporting and inspection tools to identify hazards and work place deficiencies. Includes reports for near-miss, inspections, investigations and safety meetings. The app can record, take photo’s, accept multiple signatures, assign responsibility with target dates, complete deficiencies and send all information in PDF format by e-mail. Read more...

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Heat Safety Tool app

Description: Heat safety tool app helps workers use OSHA standards to calculate heat index and risk level at their work site. Provides reminders about protective measures, what to do in an emergency, monitoring for signs of heat illness, etc. Read more...

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Description: Ergonomics app includes illustrated stretches, tips for setting up equipment properly, customizable reminders to take breaks and to stretch. Integrates with online dashboard to track progress, Earn point towards becoming an “Ergo Champion”. Winner of Dept. of Labor Safety App Challenge. Read more...

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McCaw App (wellness app)

Description: Wellness app from U.S. Preventive Medicine supports organizational and individual wellness programs with a platform that captures personal health profile, blood tests, weight and activity tracking and acts as a “hub” that integrates information from other fitness apps. Read more...

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