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iCouch (mental health support app)

Description: Mental health support app provides self-monitoring and education tools to address stress, anger, anxiety, depression or bipolar disorders.  Uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to track of thinking, analyze emotions and change outlook.  Contact CBT professional from within the app for a paid evaluation by a licensed counselor; email reports from the app. Read more...

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eCBT Trauma (PTSD support app)

Description: PTSD support app includes overview of trauma, symptom assessment, relaxation skills training, grounding exercises, identifying and challenging negative beliefs.  Uses the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  Can be used in conjunction to therapy; links to online content regarding trauma, support groups and help finding a therapist. Read more...

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AsthmaSense (asthma tracking app)

Description: Asthma tracking app tracks and assesses symptoms, medication use and breathing data to tell when risk is changing.  Provides a journal, reminders, ability to record PFM (Peak Flow Measurement), Wheeze Rate, FEV (Forced Expiratory Volume), triggers, symptoms, use of rescue and medications. Read more...

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iTriage (health hotline app)

Description: Health hotline app provides triage support including escalation to hotline staffed by medical professionals. For less urgent episodes, provides online symptom search, treatment research and provider or facility finder. Offers programs for employers and payers. Read more...

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NCI Quit Pal (quit smoking app)

Description: Quit smoking app by National Cancer Institute helps set a quit date, financial goals, and reminders. Tracks daily smoking habits, graphs money saved, number of packs not smoked, other health milestones. Includes tips to stay motivated, connect with social network to give milestone updates, video diary, and personalized video messages from loved ones. Access to NCI’s Cancer Information Service by toll-free phone line or live chat. Read more...

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Coventry Mobile

Description: Patient portal app provides workers with a their member ID, personal health information and claims status. Coventry Mobile also provides network provider locations and information and information about health symptoms and conditions. Read more...

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