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TelsanoAre you missing the revolution that is taking place in the wider world of healthcare technology?

For those interested in getting a quick, concentrated overview of the cutting edge of medical tech, consider attending the upcoming Health Technology Forum Innovation Conference  on April 19th at San Francisco’s  UCSF, Mission Bay Conference Center.

Even if you can’t attend, take a look (below) at the session topics, companies and speakers to get a sense of where the industry is going.   Live coverage will be provided by NPR Tech Nation; the key note speech will be delivered by California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom.

Here are the key sessions with possible implications for the workers’ comp industry:

Cisco virtual clinic1. Telehealth and mobile health – Kaiser, Cisco and start-up Telsano are examples of organizations that are building and testing new tools which can help you utilize your occupational medicine resources more efficiently.  A panel discussion includes these experts: 

  • Greg Caressi, Senior VP – Healthcare and Life Sciences at leading research firm, Frost and Sullivan, and telemedicine practice leader.
  • Dr. Yan Chow, Director of Innovation and Advanced Technology at Kaiser, recognized as a medical tech leader by InfoWeek.
  • Marty Caresell, CEO – Telsano, winner of the Qualcom Life App Challenge for connecting doctors and patients with their “all-in-one” health screener.
  • Tapan Mehta, Global Healthcare ManagerCisco, which has extensive support for telemedicine.

2. Using Technology to Support Care for Complex Cases  Big money is being spent by the Veterans Administration and others to develop tech tools to better manage complex, chronic cases.  Find if there are opportunities to use this technology to manage your tougher claims from this group of leaders:

  • Suneel Ratan, CEO – Care Architecture, a leader in using social networks for healthcare, will moderate.
  • Doug Trauner, Entrepreneur in Residence at the Veterans Administration Center for Innovation – see more on Doug Trauner‘s well articulated vision of the patient-centered, technology-enabled future of American healthcare.
  • David Lindeman, PhD, Director – Center for Technology and Aging – see more on the extensive best practice tookits for medication optimization, post-acute care treatment, remote monitoring and mobile health published by Dr. Lindeman’s team.
  • Lisa Mangiante, Director – Pacific Business Group on Health, which encourages consumers to make health decisions using value and cost information.

3.  Analytics and Big Data A previous Tech Talk post documented 4% to 15% savings achieved by insurers through predictive analytics – yet only 41% are using this tool!  Come up to speed on how informatics and data analysis are improving outcomes and lowering costs.  Panelist will be:

  • Dr. Josh Newman, Director of Healthcare Strategy – Salesforce, which has a major healthcare initiative
  • Dr. Frederick Lee, Director of Clinical and Translational Informatics – Oracle, which has several programs which help clients use data to improve healthcare.
  • Charles Boicey, a nurse and solutions architect at UC Irvine who has published many articles on informatics and has been featured as a speaker at the HIMSS conference.

Autom4. Using Robots to Improve Healthcare –  robots are being used to alleviate  medical skills shortages, support severely injured patients and to help patients comply with treatment regimens.   These speakers are leading the development of this new generation of health tools:

  • Andra Keay, CEO – Robot LaunchPad will moderate a discussion with:
  • Cory Kidd, CEO – Intuitive Automata, developer of the Autom robot, a socially interactive weight loss coach which not only tracks calories and activities but also provides personalized feedback and reinforcement.  Research shows that this robotic reinforcement keeps patients engaged and improves outcomes.
  • Steve Cousins, CEO – Willow Garage, a robotics start-up consultancy
  • Rush LaSelle, VP and General Manager – Adept Mobile Robots, a leader in programmable robots used for many healthcare tasks.
  • Russ Angold, CTO, Esko Bionics, a leader in bionic healthcare which improving the lives of parapalegics, amputees and wounded warriors with sophisticated prosthetic devices.

5. Patient Engagement – Aetna executive Jan Oldenburg is a recognized expert in patient engagement who recently edited and led the publication an HIMSS sponsored study titled  Engage: Transforming Healthcare through Digital EngagementHer panel will discuss high-tech methods of engaging patients to prevent illness, comply with treatment regimens and other key areas. These panelists should provide good ideas for workers’ comp, wellness and group health programs:

  • Neil Versel, HIT Journalist – Universal Media will  lead the discussion
  • Jan Oldenburg, Vice President – Aetna, and a leading expert on patient engagement technology.
  • Amy Tenderich, Editor-in-Chief, DiabetesMine.com, the leading online social network and advocacy group for diabetics.
  • Kyra Bobinette, MD & MPH, Senior Design Instructor at Stanford Behavioral Design Lab, and  Dr. Laura Esserman, Professor – UCSF School of Medicine

Other opportunities to learn include a session on the technology implications of the Affordable Care Act and a CEO Panel with the CEO’s of MedHelp Healthline, and Apixio, the number 1 ranked big data platform for healthcare.

Rounding out the program will be sessions on  health information security which will include Colin Anderson, VP and CISO at Safeway, a discussion by hospital informatics leaders on  hospital technology challenges, the venture capital perspective on those promising technologies which are getting funding and an update by digital media law experts.

In addition learning from speakers and panel discussions, conference attendees will have an opportunity to participate in technology demonstrations by leading healthcare software vendors which will take place in the exhibit hall.

This is a tremendous opportunity for workers’ comp, wellness and other professionals to catch up with the latest trends in health care technology.   For more information go to:   Health Technology Forum.

Tell your friends and colleagues, and hope to see you there!

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