Mobile Health and Medical apps – 10 Ways They Can Improve Workplace Health


health-monitor-150As Smartphones and tablets become a preferred means of communication,  they are increasingly used to influence healthy outcomes by medical professionals, employers, employees, insurers and brokers.

To help you apply this new technology, we’ve provided the table below summarizing benefits experienced by other organizations.

As you review the table, remember that this is a new, wild and wooly industry.  As part of the evaluation of each app, be sure that you get answers to these three questions:

1. Is the information presented in the app credible?  Look for certifications or approvals by entities like the FDA, Happtique and URAC.  Other good signs include the existence of qualified medical or other professionals on management teams and advisory boards and the use of documented best practices.

2. What is the level of customer support?   Many app developers provide a contact form and a promise to respond in 72 hours.  Is this good enough or do you  require 24 x 7 phone support?

3. Do the privacy and security policies meet your requirements?  This is especially important if the app captures personal information or if you plan to integrate it with an EHR or claims system with confidential data.  Note that many personal health and wellness apps fall down in this area.

The “right” answers to these questions will depend on the your specific needs but be sure you know your requirements and how the developer’s solution matches up.

Key Result AreaMobile Health Benefits
Health and wellness programsSmartphone and tablet apps track diet, activity and mood which encourages healthy behaviors and lowers medical costs
Chronic disease managementSpecialized apps for diabetes, heart conditions, mental health, addictions, back pain and other debilitating conditions provide tools help physicians and patients improve treatment.
Patient communication Mobile portals empower patients by providing medical and claim information when and where the want want it. This enhances patient communication with medical teams, claims adjusters and employers.
Triage and emergenciesMedical hotlines using Smartphones and tablets provide immediate help and triage which improves treatment and lowers costs.
Remote medical monitoringMedical sensors imbedded in Smartphones or connected to them result in more complete tracking of vital signs and faster identification of problems or emergencies.
Tele-medicineDoctor visits using tablets result in better utilization of physician time, less patient travel and waiting time and lower costs.
Care coordinationSmartphone supported systems help families, caretakers and employers coordinate care resulting in improved adherence to medical regimens and better outcomes.
Patient engagement Tablet delivered educational videos and instructions improve patient understanding. Automated reminders increase compliance with medication, physical therapy & other treatment regimens.
Incident reportingSmartphones apps for accidents and first reports of injury provide fast, on-the-spot reporting with photographic documentation.
Safety and preventionOn-the-job OSHA, ergonomic and safety tools provide preventive information when and where needed.

Once you’ve identified potential high payoff areas for your organization, use our App Directory to find apps appropriate for your health, wellness, safety and workers’ comp programs.   It’s includes information for each app about credibility, customer support and privacy/security policies and it is a lot easier than sifting through the 20,000+ healthcare apps on the market!

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